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A few weeks back I was in Youngstown, Ohio.  Figuring Verizon’s reception would be better than the wireless in the hotel, I picked up some GBs on the run (a little over 1000) and signed up for the iPad data plan.  As it turns out, wireless contention isn’t an issue in rural Youngstown hotels.  Regardless :) I’d like to cancel the recurring 3G data plan so here we go.

Which one of these will help me cancel my plan?

  1. I’d like to think the button labelled Cancel next to Cellular Data Account would do the trick.  Unfortunately that just closes the window.  Given that this is a status window, “Cancel” isn’t appropriate – you aren’t “cancelling” any action in progress or pending.  E.g. if this were a dialog that said “Printing… 1 of 3… 2 of 3…”, an option to cancel would be appropriate.
  2. Hmm… well I don’t want to change my plan.  I want to get rid of it.  In some wacky way, a “cancel” is a form of “change” so this is also a candidate.
  3. This is viable as well – perhaps I have to delete my account to cancel and sign up each time?

If you guessed (2), you’re the lucky winner!

How about some slight changes to remove ambiguity and conform with iPad standards?

Notice the replacement of the Cancel button with a Back button, positioned as one would expect on the iPad.  All plan changes (including cancelling) are clearly indicated on the first option.  This isn’t a grand redesign, just a slight tweak :)

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  1. Dom 24 July 2011 at 10:49 am Permalink

    I’m going against Hanlon’s Razor here, but they could be trying to hide the cancel option from users.

  2. Dom 24 July 2011 at 10:50 am Permalink

    Hey I posted that at 11:49 AM

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