08 September 2007 ~ 0 Comments

Chase Online’s Search Form

Objective – Locate a Comcast charge made during August.

Means – Chase Online’s credit card search interface.

Issues – How long do you have?

  1. Several near-alignment and centering issues. I’m hard-pressed to find a single instance of alignment in this entire interface. It appears unprofessional and amateur.
  2. Components are jam packed together as though there were issues with how much vertical space is available on a web page. This is well “below the fold” so a few more pixels won’t hurt.
  3. “Select Account”… I have no choices available to me here and I’m looking at my credit card right now! What else could I possibly want to search? State Farm? My medical records?
  4. “Search for” in the header doesn’t flow into any other part of the interface. “Search for… Select Account”?
  5. Choices in the “Since Last Statement” combo box reflect how the bank thinks about my activity, not how I think about it: “Last Statement”, “2 Statements Prior”, “3 Statements Prior”, “All Transactions”.  Hey geniuses, if I knew where it was, I wouldn’t have to search for it!
  6. The “From” and “To” fields are blank slates. I have no idea how I’m supposed to format my input into these fields. How about some bounded date-input components? Or a JavaScript-based calendar picker like the ones travel sites use?

Guys, you’re running a massive bank here. Drop minimum wage on a high school student to clean this up. Because you’re my bank, I’ll get you started.

The first option defaults to the last three months. The second option defaults to the current calendar year. Only Chase can tell me if this is what people are typically interested in, but it’s certainly better than what I’ve been using for the past few years on their site.

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